Two IE6 issues (hopefully the last time in my life)


I am having a problem with IE6 (I hope it’s the last time in my life I have to deal with this browser): http://Link to Website

It seems that the shadow underneath the light blue banner does not stretch correctly. On the right side of the screen there is no shadow, but some white space instead. How can I get rid of it?

Also, in my submenu the number of articles (shown in brackets behind the category name) are pushed down to the next line. The same happens in the article headings (dates).

Can anybody suggest solutions to these two problems?

Thanks a lot for any help…

You might have to give me a screenshot if you are worried about it as I don’t really notice anything different in Ie6 - but the chances are I’m missing the obvious :slight_smile:

Hey Paul,

Thanks a lot. You are brilliant, as usual. I put the span before the text as you suggested and it works fine now.

As for the repeating shadow, it looks fine in most browsers except in IE 6 on very small screens (1020 pixels wide).

This is the first time that I am using a width of more than 960 pixels in any of my designs. It seems that IE 6 can’t handle it too well, because the repeating shadow get interrupted on my small screen here.


  1. I must be looking in the wrong place as the shadow seems to go all the way across in ie6.

2)The number in brackets has dropped because you have placed the floated span after the content that you want it to wrap.

Floats must always come before any block content that you want it to wrap but are allowed to come at the end of inline content on the same line. If the float is on the same line as inline content then the inline content is moved aside for the float. However IE6 and 7 don’t understand this and neither do a lot of older browsers FF3- etc.

Therefore it’s best to always put floats first and to be safe.


<li> <a  href="">[B]<span>(1)</span>[/B] Allgemeines  </a> </li>