Twitters 'Tweet Me' Button Error

Has anyone added the Tweet Me button to their site yet ((

I keep getting a JavaScript error after I click the button on my magento store.

See this screenshot:

Or this page:

It seems to work fine on other sites.

That’s odd, because I still get the livequery error on the popup twitter page, and it was that blank page which I believe that was used to screenshot the original error.

I thought that as well. The only thing is if I add the code to a blank page:

It works fine and there is no error so was thinking there may be an incompatibility with my site or something.

That’s something that you cannot do anything about, as it is themself who need to fix that problem with the code on their own web site.

oh yeah, I actually do get it on that page as well. That’s good then. Hopefully twitter will sort it out.