Twitter Tools that repost stuff?

Is there a twitter tool that will tweet stuff every few minutes hours? I would like to send tweets once an hour on a whole range of stuff. i am hoping to enter in a bunch of articles, links whatever into a QUE…that will be dripped out over time.

Know what I mean?

I am looking for something that tweets a variety of stuff over and over every hour or at whatever interval I set it!

If you repeat tweets every hour your account will be closed as a spammer.

The Twitter Rules

I have posted on twitter every 5 minutes, the twitter allow post to be posted at least with a minimum of 3 minutes between the posts, and don’t use the same post (tweet) again and again, then you will get the bot.

Twitter changed some rules. Some software is not accepted. With all the re-tweet you will be shut down!

There are many tools available but i won’t suggest you using them coz there use will be considered as Spamming and you might get yourself banned on Twitter.

It could be rather useful in some cases, e.g. to post all messages about some event in one twitter feed, or for automatic news updates. Try