Twitter followers list at zero

Our account was launched just over two weeks ago and in this time we’ve received many notifications of followers, however the follower count is still at zero. The account was briefly deactivated before the launch however there were no followers before that time. We’re thinking it may be some sort of penalty from Twitter but have tried contacting Twitter Support and nearly two weeks later we still don’t have any response from them. Is anyone able to offer up any suggestions for how we could fix this?

Why do you think its a penalty from Twitter?

We weren’t sure if it was from deactivating and then reactivating the account? Or starting to follow a lot of people at once? Could there be another reason why the follower count would be at zero?

It doesn’t make any sense that Twitter would remove your followers.

Twitter account reactivation after deactivating | Twitter Help

Twitter’s official statement on the matter is that if your followers have not appeared after 48 hours, you should contact Twitter Support. You said you had done that, but if this is related to the account deactivation/reactivation, only Twitter Support will be able to solve the problem, so my advice would be to contact them again to request a follow-up on your prior communication.

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Thanks! I believe that’s relating to followers that you had before the deactivation, and as I mentioned we didn’t have any followers before then as the account was only just created. I’ve contacted them again multiple times so if anyone has any suggestions of another way to get into touch with them that would be much appreciated!

Any idea why they aren’t appearing then?

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