Twitter + Facebook + Google+ + Linkedin are potential tools for Traffic Building

Nowadays, social media are widely used by business specialists, businessmen, or even just an ordinary human. actually social sites like facebook, google+, twitter and linkedin are the widely used social sites. have you ever seen the potential of this sites and make them as your tool in generating traffic? have you ever think of that? well i have read from this article how useful those sites in generating unique visitors to your site. take a while and read this : Using Social Media to Increase your Website Traffic. Great article in which it gives me some idea that having a website really a great help to promote your product and services and with the integration of the social sites.

I am glad that i learned. i am thankful to the internet it’s really a good help.

i agree with you, Now a days Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin are potential tools for Traffic Building. but don’t forget about forums… that too help us to increase traffic like what you did…!

Glad you posted that. I think forums are too often overlooked and agree that they are a type of Social Media. Although they are generally specific to niche, they are a place where people gather to become a part of a community of like-minded people, exchange ideas and opinions, and make contact with others.

True that… But, not so sure about Google+. Any case studies on success with google+

What type of success are you looking for. Social media offers several different types:

  1. Success in building contacts
  2. Success in driving traffic
  3. Success in building a web presence.

LinkedIn is best if you want to offer a product or service which suits professionals. For others products/services, Facebook and twitter are good to bring traffic.

Buttonspace and Traffup are also there in getting more traffic and don’t forget stumbleupon it also helps a lot in driving traffic to your site.

Does anyone have any reliable stats regarding how their links are received through forum posting?

I ask because throughout numerous years I’ve never known a forum to drive through more than a few hundred visitors a month, and that’s on a large site.

Yes, forums are a part of social media. It’d be stupid to disregard forums as a way of reaching out. However, the only time I’ve seen forum posts even slightly work have been as a part of years of regular posting and based on a strong user base on both ends.

Forum posts are only reliable returns if the poster is knowledgeable and the forum itself is in the same industry - I’m betting Paul O’B and Rudy (r937) get more than their fair share of traffic through their signatures based solely on the quality of their posts and their knowledge of the subject matter. If you’re looking for a return when you’re just making forum posts to random sites, then the return’s going to be negligible at best.

You might get some returns on “advertising” posts (if the forum allows them), but again, that’s only going to work if the subject matter is of some interest to the community the forum supports. An advertisement post for a new baby food company will get a much better return on a “mommy blogger” centric forum than it would here. Likewise, a new PHP CMS product would get more return here (again if it was allowed here when it’s not) than it would to a “mommy blogger” centric forum.

It all depends on the audience. If it’s relevant, it’ll have a chance to work. Otherwise, it’s just noise.

thanks guys for reading my post, actually i really do agree that forums do great job in promoting or in generating traffic to a website as long as the registered users know how useful does forums are. so users must do this not for spamming purposes spammers should think that forums are not there for spam purposes but forum are built and developed to have an online community which main purpose is to have an interaction of same brands.

again guys thanks, happy seasons to all…

If you are in B2C business then social media helps you lot by increasing your brand awareness, building potential leads, increasing customer engagement and more.

Social Networking sites nowadays are being used by different type of people for one reason they wanted to expose their products or services or maybe information by using these medium.

Facebook Fan Page is proven to be effective driving customer to the website wherein all necessary information specifically well written.
Google + on the other hand mistakenly ignored by some people who do not know the effectiveness and contribution to increase promotion of the article they wanted to market.
Pinterest is the next big thing and should be taken seriously to help increase website SERP

Stumble Upon is also beneficial for these kind of issues.

Yes these are site for traffic driven but how to use these site properly is there any manual to understand this .

I agree with you that Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin are potential for generating traffic towards to your site. I am using all that social media site which you have mentioned and i am also useing stumbleupon and i think that stumbleupon is the best social media site to generate traffice to your site.

Can you tell us what about StumbleUpon sets it apart for you from the others you mentioned? It is a site I used to use regularly, but I’ve found a better following and easier to grow my circle of contacts at Facebook and Twitter. So, I’d really like to know what others are doing at Stumble Upon that makes it an equally or better spot to spend some time.

@David_kartik ; Each site has a help area that tells you how to get started and what the dos and don’ts of the site are. Surprising that you didn’t know that already.

StumbleUpon is a great place to participate and it can help a lot in increasing the traffic for website. Similar thing applies on Pinterest. The only thing that we need to keep in mind while promoting our website on these social sites is, you need to add good and relevant images to your posts. Also, if you are having a blog that is about general interests like gadgets, clothing and such stuffs, StumbleUpon and Pinterest can help a lot in getting traffic for your website. Just to make it more natural, participate genuinely rather than keeping promoting your own stuff.

I have been using all the sites mentioned for years now apart from Google+ which is relatively new. I have been getting good traffic from LinkedIn and Facebook. But, Twitter and Google+ traffic is low. Can anybody suggest any possible reasons for this? <snip>

Agree with it…!
How ever to generate great amount of traffic to the site.! One more great advantage of social media is like to engage our self along with your followers and fans about your product,which will help in making brand reputations…!

All social networking websites are good at their place. You need to learn the way to use that social sites. Stumbleupon and reddit also good to drive traffic every website has different way to use. First read the rules and start spending time on them in a proper way. Facebook, twitter, Stumble, Linkedin, delicious, G+ and reddit they are really best.