Turn last submenu arrow off

I have a wordpress site and it only allows for 3 sub levels, and the nav I have has 4, but the problem I have is that the arrow that indicates a 4th level is still showing and I dont know how to turn it off through the css.

The iste is here - http://www.accend4web.co.uk/ridgeway/

And if you follow this path, you will see the last arrow on the button ‘Worm Egg Counts’ button.

/Parasite Laboratory/Parasite Diagnostic Services/Endoparasites/ and there it is on ‘Worm Egg Counts’

I just need to be able to stop that last arrow from showing and cant work out how to get to it and control it via the css.

I tried this, but it turned all the arrows off not just the 3rd one.

.menu-main .has-children .has-children .has-children:before { color:#ccc; content:''; font-size:10px; }


I found your posted code line that didn’t work in the theme style.css. It seems there is some separating spaces missing in the selector. Perhaps they were in place when you tried it.

/*.menu-main .has-children.has-children.has-children:before { color:#ccc; content:''; font-size:10px; }*/

Please try this code line instead. Added the “li ul” to target the right sub level.

.menu-main li ul .has-children .has-children .has-children:before { content:" ";}

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you Erik_J works perfectly


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