Trying to wrap my head around node.js

Trying to follow,

to start learning node. im stuck already as the instructions say

In the New Project window, expand the Installed menu selection, expand Templates, and click JavaScript. In the main window, select Blank Node.js Web Application. Choose a location and name for your project, and then click OK.

but heres what I have

What did I do wrong?

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I’m not familiar with VisualStudio but it’s not required for Node development, a node “project” is simply a javascript file as entry point.

// entry.js
console.log('First Node Executable!')

And can be run from the command line once node is installed

node entry.js

The thing that makes it special is that you can require() any of the node modules or other npm installed packages.


I haven’t done the tutorial myself, but I think it uses Node.js Tools for Visual Studio.

But just to clarify, this really doesn’t have anything to do with Node.js itself. It’s a Visual Studio thing. Don’t let it confuse you. None of the options you have look like they are Node.js related.

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Why use visual studio if you can start coding using basic editor like notepad++ or netbeans ? etc…

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