Trying to implement Flexslider with thumbnails

Dear forum members,

I’m trying to add little gallery thumbnails to the Flexslider.

I replaced in the file: folder/js/default.js (and minified version as well) this line:

controlNav: false,


controlNav: "thumbnails",

Than in the folder/templates/portfolio/portfolio-big-slider.php I replaced this code:

<li class="slide">
      <img src="<?php echo $image_src; ?>" alt="<?php echo $alt; ?>" />

by this:

$(window).load(function() {  $('.flexslider').flexslider({    animation: "slide",    controlNav: "thumbnails"  });});

I took this line of code from here: (JS version)

Can you please help me to figure out what I’m doing wrong? (I’m very very new to Javascript)

Here is the page I’m working on:

I have flexslider working and pictos below are weird and broken.

Please, help me.

Thank you.

Hi there,

I just followed the link and got a “Coming Soon” page.