Trying to get signature form to work


Im following this page here for tutorial as far as actually writing a person’s signature using a mouse or touchpad

and my page which I’ve create is at

but I’m receive JavaScript errors and I believe I’ve included everything but its not displaying the area for the user to write their signature

Any help would be appreciated


Your page is looking for the jquery.min.js in the root folder - is that where it is?..

that appears to be the problem, although I don’t see where to get the jquery.min.js file from? I don’t see it on the page

ok, now I’m getting a jquery.signaturepad.min.js is undefined although that is in the root folder as well

You should have them in the download file from github.
You can use the googleapi resource as an alternative
Also dont forget to include all the other js files required, view the source of the demo for them if you dont have them.

Google API
<script src=“”>[FONT=monospace]</script>


Seems to be working ok for me as long as I sign the form.

hmmm…its not working in IE8

are you in Compatibility View for IE?
What do you get displayed?

tried both compatibility adn the regular IE9 mode and getting a flashcanvas undefined jquery.signaturepad.min.js

could someone tell me why this may not be working on IE8…I can get it to work on some machines with IE8 but not others? Also how in a php form could I read in the signature similar to this:

Where the user receives the inputted fields along with the signature written?


Does anyone have any ideas on reading in a written signature to a php form?