Trying to get my slide show to the right hand side of my text

Im trying to get my slid show to go to the right hand side of my text using the 960 grid but cant seem to do it. Here are the html and css files.

Index.html (2.4 KB) default.css (815 Bytes)

Do you mean the .grid_8’s inside of .bg_body? 960 adds up column widths to 12 columns total. So if you want equal 50% width columns then they need to be .grid_6

Im actually using a 16 grid so shouldn’t it be 8 and 8 ?

Or do i even need the bg_body because i all ready have a container and that should take care of it all.

Hahah yep that actually fixed it wonder why i even make the div… but as soon as i got rid of it every thing went to were is was supposed too.

I do not know enough about 960 (my work uses Foundation) but most frameworks use a 12-grid system so I surmised as much. I also looked at a 960 example page and they added it up to 12. Glad it worked though.

Thanks for the help.