Trying to create a new folder

New coder here trying to figure out how to use PHP to create a folder.

From reading the PHP manual the following function is use to create either a folder or a file.

            $filename = '/images/minis/newfolder';
            mkdir($filename, 0777, true);

This is not making a new folder though. The code for doing this is one level up from the root (i.e. root/controls/foldercreator.php).

I am trying to create this folder here: root/images/minis/

The folders “images” and “minis” already exist.

Any idea why this is not working for me?

You probably want to use

$filename = '/root/images/minis/newfolder';

If you are wanting to create a /root/images/minis/newfolder folder.

Or if you are wanting to do this relatively.

$filename = '../images/minis/newfolder';

/images/minis/newfolder is referencing an image folder under the server’s root (top-level) folder.

Don’t confuse root top-level (i.e. /) and root’s home directory (i.e. /root - at least that’s the common directory)

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Try adding these lines to the top of the page and errors and warnings should be shown. Copying, pasting and searching the displayed errors will no doubt supply numerous solutions.

// Remove when onlinedeclare (strict_types=1);
error_reporting(-1); // maximum errors 
ini_set('display_errors', 'true'); // displayy on screen 

 $filename = '/images/minis/newfolder';
 $success = mkdir($filename, 0777, true);
if($success && file_exists($filename)) {
  echo 'no problem';

// Errors and warnings will appear here

Here is the error message I receive when I run this:

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /home/ubuntu/workspace/minisgallery v2/Live Files/controls/filename-create-test.php on line 8 Call Stack: 0.0006 234656 1. {main}() /home/ubuntu/workspace/minisgallery v2/Live Files/controls/filename-create-test.php:0 0.0006 235192 2. mkdir() /home/ubuntu/workspace/minisgallery v2/Live Files/controls/filename-create-test.php:8

line 8 is:
$success = mkdir($filename, 0777, true);

I guess it might be a setting on my IDE that is prohibiting this?

Forget guessing. as mentioned in my post:
“Copying, pasting and searching the displayed errors will no doubt supply numerous solutions”.

The search query:

Search ubuntu Permission denied

Specifically: The PHP user that the command is being run under doesn’t have write access to /.
Keep in mind that mkdir is a filepath manipulating command. If your web document root is in /var/www/html/mysite, then "/images" does NOT refer to /var/www/html/mysite/images in this context.

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If you are running the script as a normal user (non root) then you probably won’t have write access to /root

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