Trying to add space between Download Text/Image and the text on the left


I am trying to add space between download image and the text on the left. Right now it’s like this in this JSFiddle :

<ul></td><td width="5%" align="left"><img src="" title="Download" alt="Download" width="20" height="20"></td>

When I increase the width to 25%, the distance between Download image and left text increases but this also increases the gap between the Download image and View button which I don’t want. What am i doing wrong here?


You don’t seem to have named that download column in your table by giving it a class name, so without that you can use nth-of-type to target the appropriate one.

You can give the download section extra padding with the following CSS:

tr td:nth-of-type(2) {
  padding-left: 1em;


Hi there @Jack_Tauson_Sr. Before you try to solve this problem, I would like to ask where tableData is coming from (Ipresume a database) and if you use any scripting language (PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, etc…).

I ask this because I think this is a fairly cumbersome solution for showing your data!

What happens when there is new data? Are you going to add a new js block?


Hi @donboe,

There is a Java webservice which is returning a data in a JSON format from the Oracle database. And I am using the same code as mentioned in the Fiddle in my code as well. On the client side, I am not using any server side language like PHP, ColdFusion or ASP. When a new data is returned, the list items will show new data. Is this what you were referring to regarding new data? Do you think this solution could be improved?



Do you think this solution could be improved?

I think the code could probably use some cleaning up, but the method is fine. It’s fine to render client side. These forums are completely rendered clientside.


Hi there @Jack_Tauson_Sr.

Okay fair enough. That clears some confusion :smile: Like @mawburn said, your code could use some cleaning up and, i’m sure, some improvements as well. I’m not a real JS specialist though. Maybe one of the js specialists like @James_Hibbard or @Paul_Wilkins can have a look at it!