Trying to access Salesforce REST API

Hi all, new to JavaScript and web development. I am tasked with a ‘learning on the fly’ kind of project. My goal is to create an AngularJS webapp that uses Ajax to log into and access the Salesforce REST API using OAuth 2.0, get data from that org, and then present it back onto a main page.

The AngularJS is created, the cards list template and controller have been created. I have tested that part of the app by pulling data from a json array and using a router to pass the controller that puts the data in scope into the card list template. This is shown on the main index.html

The next step is to scratch the json file and get the data from a Salesforce org. The problem that I am having is I can’t seem to figure out OAuth and how to get the data from there, query it, and then route it back onto index.html to display. For testing purposes at this moment it is probably worth it to just keep it simple and use the Username-Password flow.

I have looked around a ton and have come up a little short on examples that would give me a visual of what I need to be creating in code. It seems to be complex. I am hoping that you guys will have some pointers or guidance to give me to help me step this out and get this working.

To access the API in JavaScript you will need to use JWT and your server needs to be able to make/except the cross domain request/response…

Here is more info on jwt (jot).

This type of thing can be a pain in the arse te set-up and sales force (exact target) sucks so good luck.

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