Trouble with last bit of Code

Hey everyone thank you so much for your help last time!

I ran into another CSS Related issue though, For what ever reason nothing that i do to the last paragraph on this page affects it…

Im pretty sure the Problem is in the “progressive.css” file but here are all the files, just in case



You have a space between your ids like so.

<div id="[B]Progress Bar"[/B]>

That would assume that you have 2 ids. One called “Progress” and another class called “Bar”.


#Bar {background:blue}

However an id is unique and an element can only have one id applied to it anyway (unlike classes).

I’m assuming that you meant to have one class and it should be something like this.

#[B]ProgressBar[/B] p {
    width: 800px;
    text-align: justify;

<div id="[B]ProgressBar[/B]">