Tree Testing (User Experience)

Hi guys!

I created website about Tree Testing, that is one of the tools for user experience.

Can you please check it and give me some feedback of what you think about it, should I change some things?

I want to help people make their website better and provide them with information about Tree Testing.


Thank you in advance!

Right. Where to begin.

Why does your website about tree testing not feature a demonstration of tree testing on the main page? Like… for your own website.

How does this site explain what a tree test is, and what it can do? Where does it tell you that?

What audience is this website targeting, and are you conveying your message to that audience in a way they understand? For a site that headers a section of its landing page as “What is tree testing”, you’re obviously looking at those uninitiated with tree testing… but are you targeting UX-savvy people, or the layperson? (Hint: As an effective layperson, I felt like your site’s text was talking above my head.)

Your landing page (Which is called “About”) uses a youtube video to… sort of but not really explain tree testing. Again, i get mixed messages about who this is targeted at. It also has rather blatant hallmarks of being copied from somewhere else, as the paragraph accompanying the video has an asterisk next to the word website, but does not elaborate this mark with a footnote. Whose widget is the “Find the testers” section talking about?

You also can’t seem to decide whether it’s “tree testing”, “treetesting”, or “tree-testing”, as all variations of the word seem to be used at random points throughout the site.

In general, the site needs proofreading by a native English speaker. There are numerous grammar, syntactic, and spelling errors.

You have several broken links on your About page. You may want to consider doing a link analysis of the site yourself. Did you do a Tree test on your own site?

Why does your Best Tools site list 4 sites, and then in the Summary at the bottom, you seem to list a 5th that you havent reviewed and then say they are one of the two ‘toughest competitors in the field’. You’ve changed the name of the product between the top and bottom of the page.

You’ve copy and pasted the 3 things to remember block under the PDF report on the ‘how-tree-testing-study-works’ page.

Your quiz asks a question that isn’t covered by your website contents.

Is Treejack another word for tree testing, or is it a specific tool from a specific company? I can’t tell.
How is setting up a treejack different than your “how-tree-testing-study-works” page?

The Card Sorting page begins by saying i’ve probably heard of those two techniques. Audience, again. Why do you assume i’ve heard of tree testing before coming to your site that explains to me what tree testing is???

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Simply put I think your website fails to achieve its primary function of teaching someone about tree testing. Having tried to read through all the broken language I don’t really understand what tree testing is and more importantly neither do I really care to learn anything more. The entire site appears to be more a scam site to me purpose unknown.

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