Travelling woes


I’m on the road without a computer (other than a fiddly tablet) and just noticed in a mobile phone that the top image in
seems to stretch beyond the side limits.
Identical pages (“What to see in”) in

appear to be ok, so I can’t understand and don’t have the means right now to work out where the problem lies.

if you have a moment…


It seems to be OK in firefox and chrome in their simulation modes. I have not tried it on an actual phone or tablet though.

What phone specificallly? I launched iPhone6s and that didn’t stretch. There are too many phones to try them all :slight_smile: .

Hi Ryan

I hate travelling!!!

Alcatel Pop-C3 (my daughter’s)

I’ve never heard of that :stuck_out_tongue: . Is that Android? That’s a smart phone, right?

It’s Android

According to my daughter it’s a smart phone. personally they’re all pretty silly to me!

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Well, browserstack doesn’t offer that as a phone so unfortunately I can’t test for you :frowning: . I can’t replicate this.

Could you find out what Android version she has? I can look in a phone with the same OS version.

I viewed it in an Android (galaxys6) and nothing :frowning: .

4.2.2 (she says it may be Android Lollipop…)

You never told me how you got on in the marathon…

Nope - Browserstack only has the Nexus4 as 4.2 (no mobile) and that doesn’t show the issue. Can’t help further :frowning: .

I did ok - did injure myself around mile 6 and that was back in late April. I just now (as of 2 weeks ago) got healed. Back at it.

Sorry to hear that. I was expecting a Gold Medal!

take it easy. I’m 5 weeks into a knee injury and it does not look good. Stepped on a tennis ball!

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