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Could you recommend some good website traffic providers which you’ve tried? thanks.

What do you mean website traffic providers? It’s you, the Internet Marketer, that brings traffic (inbound human visitors) to your site. SEO, PPC and SMO are some of the IM tools to attract people and buy stuff on your website/s. Are you looking for a program that brings traffic to your site?


I mean if how do you see outsourcing this service when a company does not have enough manpower to invest on its online marketing promotions? Is it possible that I know of some good traffic providers? thank you

Pumping your visitor numbers won’t help much with your site’s visibility.

It’s best to invest in more legitimate forms of advertising that actually targets real potential customers/visitors.

[edit]: Here’s a relevant link which explains why it’s a poor idea to do this:

Hi Forceflow,

Thanks for the advise. I’ll check on the article as you’ve recommended.

There are websites which can give you the traffic but there may be possibility that to bring traffic they will keep your links on thousands of irreverent places and through which in turn may increase your bounce rate. So try to get natural traffic to your website with the help of SEO activities like Blog Posting, Guest Blogging and many more. You can also try social media to engage your audience.

Both SEO and SMO techniques are good for website traffic. SEO works according to search engine algorithms blogging and forum posting are the best SEO techniques, it will raise visitors on your websites. SMO is related with social networking media. Some other techniques like internet marketing and video marketing are also helpful.

Both SEO on Page and Off-page are the sources of generating traffic. Matt Cutts (head of web spam team) stated that “I don’t understand why people spend most of their time on the content writing; they can get more traffic by using social media”. I would recommend you to use the Social Media Platform for the promotion of your site. It will help you in making better health of your site.

In order to get more traffic to your website do some social media marketing practices they will get you good results.

from my experience, i think many traffic come from your country website community :slight_smile:

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