Trademark question

hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew if I can trademark an acronym? Like, could I trademark LIVE to (life is very enjoyable)?

No you can’t

A blanket “no you can’t” is not the correct answer.

A more correct answer would be based upon the following questions, please note this is not a complete list. You should consult your attorney for more correctness.

  • Do you use the term in your marketing? For example, IBM is trademarked to International Business Machines, Inc.
  • Has the term been trademarked previously in the same class for which you would apply?
  • Does another company have right of first use?

I hope this helps.

Johnny Mazuma

Sorry, I read it too fast I thought you were trying to TM 'LIVE", yes you can talk to your attorney re what Johnny says.

You’d probably have difficulties with that, since it’s not only a regular popular term but also a commercial term used to describe “live streams” etc.

So you would possibly have more luck with a version similar to L.I.V.E. or the like, but that’s not really as good, is it? :slight_smile:

As suggested, contact your attorney or even the local patent office for some qualified info.

Often if you select a brand name without conducting a throughout research on the availability of the brand name, it leads to costly consequences. It does not matter if a trademark you intend to use is registered with USPTO or not, what matters is who first used this particular trademark.You are free to use a name/mark to identify your goods/services in commerce, as long as your name/mark is not confusingly similar to another name/mark already being used in commerce. Thus, before starting to use your ideal brand name in commerce, make sure no other business is already using the same or confusingly similar brand name to yours.
In my article I have described 10 important things to consider when you select and protect a brand name. I also outlined the application process. You can definitely file the trademark application yourself, but I strongly recommend you to retain a trademark attorney to help you through the process, especially if you are trying to register such a popular word as LIVE as acronym. The title of the article is A Legal Perspective: 10 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING AND PROTECTING A BRAND NAME. You can read it at <snip>

[FONT=verdana]Please remember that trademark law varies from country to country.

When asking this type of question, you need to tell us which country your are in, and which countries you plan to do business in. Ideally, the people answering your question will take that into account when giving advice.


Also remember that trademarking is done in categories. So you might get a trademark for a word or phrase but that will only be in the categories you choose (the more categories the higher the cost).

Therefore a trademark does nto give you a blanket right to stop everyone using the word or phrase.