Trademark laws are crazy

I see that lidl managed to win a case against tesco for trademark infrigement

How on earth is a yellow circle with a red stroke with blue and red text the same as a yellow circle without any strokes with black text in a completely different font?

As for it creating confusion to the shopper surely they know what shop they walked into?

Saw another the other day about Adidas trying to stop someone using 4 stripes as it was similar to their 3 stripes?! Thankfully it was deemed different enough (I would imagine by 1)

I guess you have to be super careful when designing web assets also.

Unfortunately, another example of how the legal system can be abused with narrow focused things like this and finding just the right sympathetic judge can make crazy stuff like this happen.

Good thing Walmart dropped their smiley face signs for their price drops. They were yellow circles on a blue background too :roll_eyes:

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It’s not always sympathetic judges. Most times, it’s just a question of who’s got the money.

Super careful indeed. Check out what happens when you use the word “SuperHero”! (keep in mind at Registered Trademark is supposed to be owned by a single entity…)

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