Tracking domain ownership changes

Is there a way to be notified when any domain on a selected list of domains changes?

As with many websites, we link to various other sites that we do not own. Every so often, we will discover that a link has become outdated because the owner has changed domain names and didn’t tell us. These changes would not necessarily be caught by a 404 Not Found error as often the domain registrar replaces the page with a generic page or else someone picks up the domain name quickly.

Is there a service which can be populated with all external domains we link to and will notify us?

My understanding is that the Whois services, e.g., BetterWhoIs, are not particularly tolerant of automated queries.

You are probably better off doing a manual inventory check. There is no definitive way to see if ownership of a domain changes or the site changes (automatically) at least. allows you to monitor domains for changes and e-mails you when there is a status change. It does require a subscription fee though.