Tough project (printing)

Okay, I’m aware of using a print stylesheet for telling the browser to print and all of that, but I’ve got something pretty extensive as far as backend coding goes and I am now told that it needs to be able to be printed off on either 1 sheet of paper or on 2 but nicely done so no information is lost and you can see what is going on.

Here is the page that is needing to be tackled:

Here is another example:

The first link is 32 position bracket, the second one is a 16. The 16 will print on one page but some of the stuff starts to space a little oddly. The 32 is just messed up if you try to print it.
So I’m hoping someone can help me look at this and help me come up with a feasible option for printing these ladders out.
Thanks in advance!

Sorry Paul just went to the link. I’m curious if it works. I’ll try to find some time to try it out. Good find!

This will go GREAT with a restaurant project I’m working on.

I know here at work they use a pdf API to use with jsp. I would assume that php must have something as well.

I was thinking, what if you could turn the entire page into an image, like the browser screen shot websites do, and then print the image. The actual way it looks won’t be altered, then you can just fit the image to screen or however it would need to be done. This I think is going over to more a php issue than css though.


I don’t think you will be able to get that to print out consistently. It doesn’t actually print out that badly and if made it smaller (width and font-size) for print only then it would fit better but still goes adrift on the second page.

As a rule of thumb for printed pages you would need to turn all floating and positioning (and main container widths) off and just let the page flow normally for best results. However that’s not much good for that graphical type of layout you have there.

Your best bet would be to have a printer friendly page and turn it into a pdf on the fly or something similar.

Sorry but printing has always been hit and miss and usually a print layout is a simpler version of the page.

The link I gave above is supposed to create html to pdf on the fly via php (although I only found it on google so have no knowledge of whether it works or not) :slight_smile: