Top 5 Social Media Networks

Facebook and twitter seems to main 2 Social Media sites widley used. But what about Google+ , Runfaces, Joindiaspora and there are more.

What’s your top 5 social media networks ?

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the ones that people use (not in that order). There are others but those are the most popular ones.

Which ones do you use?

I’d agree with TheRaptor’s first two. I tried Google plus but don’t like it much. I would add LinkedIn (although it’s a professional network, not just a social one) and StumbleUpon. Seems you rarely hear much about stumbling these days, but I do still like their network.

I mainly use twitter as its very easy to use and facebook but only occasionally,just could never get on with google + and i ahve to admit i am struggling for the rest.

Now, Rapidly growth social media site like facebook, twitter, flicker, myspace, tumblr and many more…That all sites are the best for sharing video, image with family and friend…Recently released Google+ is fantastic platform for video chatting with any one…

I think the top 5 are Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn,Google Plus+, Pinterest. I have been using them all as it gives much more traffic then just going for the single one.

Facebook, twitter, Google+, are the main socail media networks that are mostly used by the people.I am using those three so i am not able to say any thing about other socail media websites.

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