Tools and suggestions to improve accessibility

Hi there,

I am about to launch a website and want to go over and improve the accessibility. I am wondering if there are any tools, maybe similar to Google PageSpeed, but for accessibility?

And also what main areas should I be focusing on? I currently have alt tags, title tags, aria labels and wondered what other things I could implement?

Many thanks!

PageSpeed Insights gives information about accessibility.

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You’re probably wanting WebAIM.

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There are a couple browser extensions I’ve used:

  • WAVE Evaluation Tool, provided by WebAIM
  • axe DevTools

The WAVE tool is provided by the accessibility group, so it’s thorough but it’s clunky. The scanning requires reloading the page constantly, which can be annoying when you have pages loaded dynamically.

I personally prefer the axe DevTools. It sits in the developers console, and you can test for different levels and the scanning is a bit more dynamic. There is a paid version which is pricey, but I find the free version helpful enough.


Please remember that not all accessibility issues are to do with visual impairment. Check colour contrast for both normal vision and colour blindness, ensure the site is navigable by keyboard, allow animations to be turned off and make sure clickable areas are large enough and have sufficient space between for users with fine motor control issues.

WebAIM has plenty of information and advice on all kinds of accessibility issues.


you have to use the lighthouse extension that audit the webpages, performance, accessibility.

To improve the accessibility of the website by providing Alt text of the image, color contrast to improve the readability of the user.