Too many same TITLE / ALT tags?

Hi guys, just a quick question on TITLE tags in links or ALT tags in images.

Say I have a link like this:

<a href="about.html" title="about my company">About</a>

<img src="pic.gif" alt="pic of my company" />

but I have these mulitple times on the same page, and the main Keyword here is “my company”

So if you look at it, the keyword “my company” appears in the URL, Title of the page, H1 heading, and in titles and alts of links, images, divs…

Is it this too much for SEO?? Because I am not trying to TRICK google or anything. The actual content doesn’t have too many of this keyword, but will my page (homepage actually) be penalized for this??

hmmm… ya I understand what to do. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Try turning off images in your browser or view the page using Lynx and see if the text makes sense when the alt text displays in the page. The alt text isn’t supposed to say what the image is, it is supposed to substitute for the image when the image isn’t displayed so as to convey equivalent information.

The fact you’re asking this question points the fact you already know the answer.

If it smells fishy, tastes fishy, it normally lives in the ocean.

H1 should be an expression of what the content is about
ALT attributes are an expression of what the image depicts*
Title attributes should give an expanded explanation of a short link*

If you’re page doesn’t satisfy those litmus tests, then you need to rework them.

*Lets not split hairs - but take the general gist.