To Script Or Not To Script

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on getting my website,<snip/> and was wondering if scripts were actually worth it. I just got in to making websites not too long ago, but with some effort I could probably make the things inside some scripts by myself. Most of the scripts I need are like click counters and small surveys. Would it be easier to make the code by myself, or streamline a script to fit in the space provided?

thank you,
Alex <snip/>

PS: Currently I am having some trouble running the games on my website, but it should be fixed soon. If it doesn’t work it’s probably my fault not yours…

You can save time if you can reuse an existing script. There’s no need to write a new one unless you want to learn something about it.

If I get a script should I pay for it, or can I just get it for free. I’m leaning towards free ones because free is always more fun, but I do not wan to infringe on any copyright or have any annoying ads plaguing my website. Are there scripts that allow you to butcher them completely and use those pieces to make my own scripts.

That is the beauty of all the scripts online now , you don’t to go over board with funds and spend ton of money to get something that is already there . There are many scripts online that works fine . just need to find out a good review for it . I have tried few suppliers before , and it is ok for now . I don’t mind using scripts . i did find it very easy for biginners and quick site’s developement . I did big mistake and bought a advanced scripts from other site , and I was lost in my own world trying to figure out where to start with it . this my 2c

This thread is over two years old, so I see little point in reviving it now.

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