To remove or not remove URLs...?

What is your opinion on removing URLs with the google/bing webmaster tools?

Is it really better to remove them if, as google states, it doens’t affect your ranking and you have them already redirecting to your site/correct page? The links are already in google/bing after all, if the users click them, they will never know they are being redirected…

Of course, if it is 1 or 2 links no probs, you can just remove them…but if we are talking about 200 links, wouldn’t the redirect keep everybody happy?

I’m not too keen on 200 redirect links. Users will probably cancel it or something while still in the middle of loading the page.

I know what you mean, but the redirect is set to 0 seconds, so you basically don’t even know you are getting redirected.

I wouldn’t want too many redirects in the long run. Much better to remove them if this will be permanent.

You can remove through Google Webmaster tools … See if that page is redirecting to the 404 error then better to remove the link

If you are hosting on an Apache Server you can use a rewrite map for this. Look into the hosting forums here and ask about it. A rewrite map is used specifically for the kind of redirection you want.