Title is not showing in chrome and opera?

hi all,
I have this code;

<option title=“This is Option 1” value=“1”> - 1 - </option>
<option title=“This is Option 2” value=“2”> - 2 - </option>
<option title=“This is Option 3” value=“3”> - 3 - </option>

When i run this in mozilla and IE, it is showing the title attribute value when i mouseover on it…
but not in chrome and opera, why?

For Chrome it’s a known ‘bug’ (Issue 12721 - chromium - Title attribute not supported on <option/> elements inside <select/> elements that don’t have the multiple=“multiple” attribute - An open-source browser project to help move the web forward. - Google Project Hosting), something they haven’t implemented. Probably the same for Opera.

Thanks for your reply…

Then, is there any way to show the title or tooltip when i mouseover on select box items in all browsers?

Maybe using some sort of javascript tooltip, but not a regular tooltip.