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For an image I’m uploading in the Media Library there are additional images that follow. They will become a gallery like an image series instead of different images:

image 1
filename: ice-moon-world-1
Title: Ice Moon World 1

image 2
filename: ice-moon-world-2
Title: Ice Moon World 2

image 3
filename: ice-moon-world-3
Title: Ice Moon World 3

The images are similar, the differences are revisions to the content (i.e. reposition an element. or recolor an element etc). So they must be the same filename and WordPress Title. My concern is with google duplicate content penalty so therefore the use of the numbers on the end of the Title (just a guess), and also for proper display in media library. I wonder if this is correct from SEO standpoint and within WordPress library.

Could I take the number off image #1 Title, i.e.

image 1
filename: ice-moon-world-1
Title: Ice Moon World

Because I sort of want this as the defacto title without a number, such as in the Attachment Page post headline. Or does this throw it off.

With image #2, #3 and so on, should I forget adding the other image metadata (Alternative Text and Description) because it will be identical to #1 and again I’m concerned about duplicate penalty. So in the image series only image #1 has all standard WordPress field metadata of:

Alternative Text

and subsequent images have only the Title. Or a caption when necessary and if it differs.

Finally I wonder if this numbering is better because the variations frequently exceed 10 in number and sorting could jump around

image 2
filename: ice-moon-world-02
Title: Ice Moon World 02



Unless the image is purely decorative, it should always have alt (alternate text) for the benefit of those unable to view the image, either through visual impairment, or because it hasn’t loaded for whatever reason. See https://webaim.org/techniques/alttext/ for advice on writing good alt text.

Google’s algorithms are intelligent enough to understand that if you have a site about white rabbits, you’re going to have multiple pictures of white rabbits, but that doesn’t mean it’s duplicate content.

Your images are different. They have different file names. The alt text should explain how they differ. This isn’t duplicate content.

See https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66359?hl=en.


Hey thanks for your info,

Yes the images will be representing things.

The images which follow the first image (i.e. that have revisions) these are basically variations and they might be different colors, layouts, etc. Some of these images I might be able to tweak the Alt Text to reflect these changes so the alt text is unique. More often than not though the same alt text will be reused because there’s no substantive difference. As you say then google will view this in light of the fact the file names are different which is reasonable enough.

Along the same lines, would it be ok to have the exact same Description for each image



I’m unclear what you mean by Description here, but what is the purpose of that text? Is it to add value or understanding for visitors to your site? Does having the same description for each image have a positive value, or will it annoy people by being endlessly repetitive?


It would definitely annoy yes. But I can (if it is good for SEO) add it to ALL the images but make it so that it will not display to visitors, except for the first uploaded image.

The Description is one of the four main fields of metadata that WordPress has by default in the Edit screen for an image after it is uploaded:

Alt Text

A lot of people leave these empty and I did too until I read up on them.

Description would be an extended more detailed version of the Alt text which is more concise. Describing whats going on in the image. From what I have read it’s of some value for SEO but not to the extend of Alt Text and Title.

If I hide it from users and google doesn’t penalise me I will add it to all images but again the Description is going to have to be the same for each.


I don’t use WordPress, but I’m assuming Description will use longdesc (now deprecated) or one of the ARIA options.

The point of all of these is to provide additional information for visitors using assistive technology (screen readers) who are unable to view the image. They should not be abused for so-called SEO purposes.

See the following links for more information on the correct use of these:




Google does not like text which is presented to its search bots but hidden from users. It regards this as “cloaking” and it is one of the things for which it may penalise you.


Use descriptive filenames and well-written alt text. That is all Google requires to “understand” your images. For more information, see https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016?hl=en.

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