Tire of me yet?

Sorry to keep asking questions… the captions on a few of my pages are not as close as I would like to the photo.
Not sure what I did…they were right under the images this morning?

Link is http://www.stoutstandards.com/Aboutme.html

It looks fine to me. This is what I’m seeing:

Are you trying to close the gap further than this?

Tables aren’t the ideal method for laying out images and captions, and others may want to suggest alternatives, but a quick way to change the gap with your existing markup would be to add a class to the tables that will allow targeting the child imgs. At present, all imgs are set to have a 10px margin by this rule:

img {
   border: 4px solid black; 
   margin: 10px;

So, to make a special case for tables that have images and captions in separate tds, give the tables a class such as class=“image-and-caption” and add this CSS:

.image-and-caption img { 
    margin: 0 10px 0; 
    vertical-align: bottom;

If the resulting gap is too small, adjust the last margin value from 0 to whatever suits.

That’s an interesting nut on your Gibson, by the way.

Thank you both…I wouldn’t have come up with this solution, but I will do my best to remember it if I have the problem again. I need to take more classes. Love Sitepoint!