Tips regarding freelancing Business & Licensing?

I originally last year decided it was time for me to start a company (sole proprietary) at home that regarding in software applications. I currently known C/C++ and wanted to take that leap into a possible future. However, to start that type of company i needed specific licensing and numerous fees.

Now i decided it was the actual real time to begin but rather than offering software applications, i want to provide a freelancing Web development service. My skill in Web is still growing but when all you do is code day in and day out, its only about time! So anyways if i want to start a small home business were i only provide websites through my own personal site, do i need all these crazy licensing (sellers permit)? Also how do i go about protecting my work !

What you need or don’t need will probably depend on where you’re based, so if you care to share your country, you might get more relevant replies.

I apologies, i totally forgot to mention my location! I’m currently living in California, USA!

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