TinyMCE 3.4 and textarea:focus issues

Has anyone here ever used TinyMCE? If so, would you happen to know how to, say, change the :focus border of the textarea? I’ve been banging my head against this for a few hours now and while I’ve seen all sorts of “solutions” from Google talking about using jQuery and certain CSS rules, it just seems like none of them work.

Any feedback is appreciated.

I went through the same thing with this issue. This was the closest I got, though it only seems to work in firefox (or did at the time, at least):


I gave up on it after that as it was only a minor item that wasn’t really worth all the time I was sinking into it. However, I would be interested if any further progress was made on the issue.

I revisited this problem, and ended up with a jQuery solution that supports more browsers, since using addEventListener() function on ed.getDoc() was hit-or-miss, and the AddEvent() function didn’t work at all on ed.getDoc() (“function not supported on object” error).

The following is confirmed to work in IE8, Safari 5.1.7, Chrome 19, firefox 3.6 & 12. It does not appear to work in Opera 11.64.

            setup: function(ed){

Thanks FF. I wound up doing something similar in the Drupal install I was trying to get this to work with. I created a WYSIWYG bridge and inside that, added similar code to allow me to do what I wished with the CSS.