Time Tracking Tool

Hi guys!

I am new user in this form and i have some nice ideas to share with you regarding a time tracking tool. Can anybody let me know about what services a time tracking tool can provide us? I like nice ideas and would apply your ideas on my project.


Gerry Alias

Basically, tracking your time serves you to measure your time management efficiency and know how much time you take to do a particular task. Then you can organize your time accordingly. That can affect a number of things that goes from simply knowing how you can improve the way you work to invoicing.

As per my knowledge A time tracking tool is designed to get an idea of the time passing by while working on different task…:slight_smile:

We are currently using a time tracking tool called Time Doctor <snip>.

As for its features, it tracks work real time, monitors the tasks and web sites visited, gives you a productivity report, has this optional screenshot feature for close monitoring and can also be used offline.

That is as far as I can enumerate. But most likely those are the main features everyone look for in a time tracking software.

I agree with jbjavol. Time tracking works like a spy on our computers, it tracks our time when the software is turned on. It also allows you to filter sites that are malicious or those that prevent you from working or doing what is required when you are on the computer. I think Time Doctor has already been pointed out, actually that’s a good software to use.

There’s no ideal time tracking tool, because its impossible to measure. However, I have some cool experience with a notepad and honesty :slight_smile: