Thoughts on No Cache

What are your thoughts on using “No Cache”?

Does it serve a useful purpose?

And can it be implemented effectively? (In other words, do browsers acknowledge it?)

In my To-Do list, I have a vague note about “No Cache”… Apparently I thought it might be important to add to my website, but I am not sure…

Why would you want to add no cache?

To me it’s a trade off.
On one hand, if the content is going to change often you may want visitors to get the “latest”.
On the other, making them consume bandwidth every time isn’t very considerate.

I asked first! :smile:

Well, I believe it is supposed to be used for things like Registration, Log-in, and Checkout Forms where you don’t want the form data retained. But honestly, I’m not really sure of its purpose or necessity…

I would think a website like this uses No Cache lots then, right?

Or is No Cache some old-world approach used before AJAX and all?

My website does not use any AJAX, so I guess it is pretty “old” technology wise.

I do have some places where content might change very often (e.g. User Comments), fairly often (e.g. Blog Post), and then places where it would hardly ever change (e.g. FAQ).

I am also wondering if I need it on things like my registration and log-in forms, or if I had an e-commerce site, would I need it during checkout?

Ahh yes for those things I gather that makes sense. I added cache to all my sites a while back and the speed increase was dramatic. Mainly cuz I cached the html as well. I cache it all. I don’t want the html or JS cached and not the css or visa versa.

<filesMatch ".(html|css|js|swf|pdf|xml|mp3|gif|jpg|png)$">
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access plus 30 days"
Header append Cache-Control "public"

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