Thoughts on getting a new MacBook

Any Mac freaks out there?

I am strongly considering getting a new MacBook as mine is getting fairly old, the case is crumbling - quite literally - and I want to keep up with the times. (Current one is circa 2008)

Any suggestions on what might be a good choice for Development and Managing a Website remotely?

What is the current state-of-affairs for Mac Operating Systems?

Anything new coming out (e.g. Hardware or Op Sys) that I should wait for?

I’m pretty simple in my choices, and am still fairly content with my tiny 15" white MacBook, however, I would like something with a more reliable case, and maybe the newer Op Sys’s have better security?



I think the only MacBook you can get now is the Air, which scared me a bit, but I know a few people who have one and love it. The MacBook Pros are amazing computers, though, and that’s what I would get for professional work (if not a desktop, of course). As for OSes etc, Apple is regularly updating them, and it’s easy to upgrade them anyhow, so that’s nto really an issue.

They do have new MacBook Pros with retina display available, although I have heard mixed reviews regarding the retina display. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro (15") and absolutely love it.

Any thoughts on which Operating System I would want? (They had to pull my teeth to upgrade to Snow Leopard, and now that is like 3-4 Op Sys’s removed?!) :eek:


I’m running the latest version of Mountain Lion and have had no problems out of it.

There’s no point in worrying about OSes with Mac. Just keep up with the times, I say. It’s like the difference between versions of Chrome and IE: With Chrome, you just auto update and don’t bat an eyelid (= Mac OS)—whereas with IE, your whole world changes each time (= Windoze).

I’ve got a new Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion for php dev work, and I’ve gotta say I love the thing. Much as I dislike Apple as a company (I pretty much can’t stand them), I’ve gotta admit that the Macbook Pro is the best laptop on the market in my opinion. I’d recommend it.

It’s really down to personal preference if you go with an Air or a Pro, personally my favourite machine is the 13" max spec’d non-retina macbook pro.
The air’s are great machines but I prefer the feel and weight of the pro’s. If you like the feel of the Air I’d suggest going with that.
I haven’t been convinced by the retina macbooks yet, I quickly noticed the scrolling was more laggy than the ones with the standard displays.

As Ralph said the OS is simply a downloadable cheap install so you’ll get the latest with a new computer which will be fine.

I’ve been using the new MacBook Pro (15" Retina display). I’ve never been a Mac person, so it’s been a different experience for me. I can’t say I’m totally used to it (my primary machine is a Windows Desktop); but the Retina display is AMAZING. As far as the OS goes, Mt. Lion is pretty sweet.

Some more questions…

1.) Any reasons to NOT get a MacAir or whatever they are called?

(I’m pretty content with the footprint and weight of my white, 13" MacBook from circa 2008.)

2.) Any reason to be leery of any of the newest Mac Laptops for whatever reasons there may be?

(I tend to be a late adopter.)

3.) Thoughts on getting a conventional Hard-Drive versus the new Solid-State ones?



  1. No, the airs are great dev machines.
  2. I find the scrolling laggy and the battery life isn’t close
  3. Solid state is better, but I’ve never had a laptop with it and it’s perfectly fine without.

So, I’d go with air if you like the feel and won’t miss a cd drive.
My reasons for going with the pro are only that I prefer the feel of it.

Not sure if it’s changed now, but the lack of disk drive (and other ports like firewire—that may have changed) put me off the Air. You basically have to install everything wirelessly, which I don’t like the sound of. And it has a Flash drive, or used to … and since I don’t know what that is, it scares me. :lol:

i have last gen top mbp15 and my gf recently upgraded her mb to latest mbp13, and my sister is using latest mba so i guess that makes our whole family mac freaks :smiley: Feel free to ask any questions.

Overall it goes likes this: if you dont care about screen size but want some performance you get mbp13, else mbp15, mba if you do nothing but browsing, facebooking and emailing. Not to say that mba is not powerful but battery life is shorter its less durable for everyday’s use and it got smaller hdd and no firewire as well. I would still get mbp15 (vs mbp13) if you are man (i mean its not that heavy or that much bigger then 13 and bigger screen is cool) and if you can afford it, cause why not…

As for retina — we didnt get retina display because we dont have the best eyesight and things tend to get smaller when resolution gets bigger. Also i play online games occasionally and higher resolution = lower performance. I use external monitor when i work anyway.
I am not sure about new retina ones, slimmer is cool but i heard you cant upgrade hdd yourself there which sounds like a problem cause hdd failed me the most over the last 10 years of using apple stuff.