Thoughts Multi-location Local SEO For Business With Atypical Structure

I’m trying to help a friend get his small business ranked higher in local results, and it seems like his business’ structure is somewhat atypical, which brings up questions about how to proceed.

  • He has his official business name (we’ll call it UmbrellaCorp) that does not have a physical address or phone number, other than the owner’s mobile
  • He has 2 business locations, each with their own names that are different from UmbrellaCorp (we’ll call them AlphaCorp & BetaCorp), with their own address and phone number
  • The website URL is (which contains main keyword), and each location has a dedicated page ( &
  • He also has a branded service (we’ll call it MobileCorp), that serves the local area by him coming to his customers, so would be nice for its page to rank for local search as well, but it also doesn’t have a physical location or landline other than the owner’s mobile

There are currently some conflicting citations where the same address is listed under UmbrellaCorp and either AlphaCorp or BetaCorp that I plan to correct to remove UmbrellaCorp from (since it has no physical location). Also, all of the citations just link to and I plan to change them to each individual location page ( or My plan is to optimize the individual pages like normal, but what should be done in regards to local optimization of UmbrellaCorp / / homepage and, given neither one has a unique physical address? Would it just be best to optimize for the 2 location pages and funnel visitors to the MobileCorp and home / pages from them? Or should I just optimize UmbrellaCorp and MobileCorp for local results in other ways than building citations?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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