This Week in JavaScript - General Service Announcement

Hello all,

I’m happy to announce that “This Week in JavaScript” has become “On Our Radar” and has (for the foreseeable future at least) moved from the JavaScript forum to SitePoint’s main site.

You can find the first edition here:

The posts will remain JavaScript-centric, but will include interesting content from other areas (such as Rails and PHP), as well as some plain random stuff.

SitePoint’s comments are powered by Disqus and although you’ll have to login to comment, there are a number of options available as to how to do this (Facebook, Twitter, Google or create a Disqus account).

I would be really glad to see some of the forum regulars commenting on the new posts!

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection of articles and, as ever, please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue! - Pullo & [URL=“”]Paul

Wow. Well done, guys! You really rock! :rock:

The bad news is that now we will have to do something about the content here, in the forum but hey! you deserve the best :slight_smile:

Hey molona,

Thanks :slight_smile:

In the short-term you are right of course, but with the impending move to Discourse (and the resultant tighter integration between SP blogs and forum), I see this as a positive step.

Higher-ups have decided to name this On Our Radar.

This week’s offering can be found at

And this week’s offering is up:

As mentioned before, would be glad to see forum regulars commenting on the articles :slight_smile: