This may sound silly

Is it possible to add magic target window such as _blank directly to a link without using the target attribute of the area tag?

Nope, you either need target="_blank" or onclick="; return false;" for that. Just the URL ain’t gonna cut it.

You can do it for links in the web pages that you display in your own browser by adjusting the browser settings to tell it where you want links to open.

If you are using Firefox then there’s an extension (I can’t remember the name of it at the moment) that gives you full control so that you can have different types of link destinations open in different ways (such as having all relative links open in the same tab and all absolute ones open in a new tab.

From the web page itself you can only make recommendations as to where the page should open which will override some people’s ability to choose for themselves. For those who know how to configure their browser properly your recommendation will be ignored completely.

scalio, thank you.

and felgall: lol. who doesn’t use tabbed browsing these days…? o_O

I was just wondering because I’m trying to use a text file to define captions as links for images within Joomla as a non-scripted solution.
Oh well I guess I’ll just write it up as I expected.
I was next to positive such a solution didn’t exist but why not check? :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe i’ll make my own magic window targeting system via hashes

You’d be surprised how many hundreds of thousands of users don’t have access to a tabbed browser, don’t know how their tabbed browser works, or don’t like them. Never safe to assume that “everyone” uses anything. I imagine there are some unfortunate souls out there still grinding away at the Intertubez with Netscape 4. I don’t worry too much about them :slight_smile: , but I do try to take into account the large number of folks who either use obsolete browsers such as IE6 either by choice or by the lack thereof.