Thinking about hosting a database server, need some input

Hello everyone,

I was thinking about creating my first small project and I want some input from others.

I would like to make a database hosting application for website’s that cannot get access to a database.
The idea may sound stupid because let’s face it a lot of website’s have access to a database.

But non the less I want to make this as my first project.
The reason why is actually quite simple.

I want to make this application in combination with a client plugin that allows the user to fetch data but also to save data to the database. ( even if the user has no database access ).

What do you guys think ?

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by database hosting application?

Edit: Lol. Sorry for the delayed reply. I just saw that you posted your question 3 weeks ago. Nonetheless …

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Well my idea was to create a dB hosting service where people can sign up for a dB hosting and they can access it using an api.

Imagine creating a github gh pages but you want to be able to load in data dynamic and being able to edit.
I want to create a api that returns the dB data when it is requested using php, javascript or another language of your choice.
And the edit part I would make it so you can ajax login and you get a response back that activates a admin panel.

Sorry to say it, but this is a business idea that you should abandon right away.

There is two reasons for this.

  1. The market you try to get into is not large enough, today there is very few hosts that does not offer database access as well.
  2. In the event the user find out they need a database, they would in most cases either change hosts or get a dedicated
    database server.

With other words, at the current layout of your idea, research will show that the idea is not viable/profitable.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother. Sorry to be negative, but there are loads of sites offering this. Also, it’s probably nowhere near as simple as you might thinks.

Thanks for your opinion.
Reason why I want to make this is because it isn’t easy.

It should be a challenge and a learning experience in php, and javascript.

It doesn’t need to give me any profit.
Plus it was not a business idea.

But I understand what you’re trying to say.
Nowadays almost all hosting give access to a dB.

One possibility springs to mind is something similar to “word for today”, “quote for today”, etc

There are many sites offering services to include links so you will have to offer something unique or added value to an old theme.

Are you intending to respond to requests?

Can you explain in more detail what you exactly mean ?

Especially these to lines :

I used something similar to “A word for today” a long time ago. I searched but could not find the site.

Try this one instead that inserts the weather to your site:

The request would be passing the location for the weather required.

Sounds like Firebase or Parse.

I say go for it, there isn’t enough competition here. Both Parse and Firebase are ridiculously expensive for hobby projects.

It would be very hard to do well, though. It would probably be a great learning experience if that’s your goal. If anything, it could just go on your Github.

PaaS/BaaS is a growing sector and have lots of potential.

I think you’re missing the point, though. With the 2 options I mentioned above, you can create a fully functioning app by only developing the frontend. That is really cool and really powerful.

If you still think it’s a bad idea, Firebase was acquired by Google last year. I don’t see a number, but I’d assume it’s one with 9 digits.

Well I checked out the firebase demos and they do seem to work well.

I found parse today don’t know what to think of it.
But I don’t see my project getting that big.

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You’re probably not going to strike oil on one of your first projects. Even after that, you’re still probably not going to hit it on your own.

Doesn’t matter. Gotta learn. I’d say if this is for the learning experience, then you should absolutely do it if it interests you. If all else, you could use it to help springboard your own projects in the future.

Well thanks for the positive feedback.
I really needed that for once.

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