Things to remember in a stabilising Crypto market

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At the end of January 2018 cryptocurrencies big and small did what they’ve been doing for the past few years now and took a (pretty massive!) dive. The market went from an all-time high of around $USD830 billion to around $USD240 billion at the time of writing. Fair to say that a lot of people lost it, a lot of people got burnt and a huge number of (fairly undeserving) blockchain projects lost anything up to 90% of their value. Some deserving ones lost all their value – which was a good thing in the end. Ultimately the crash, particularly for Bitcoin, was another round in a pattern that has been in place for the past few years. Not that anyone who invested in Bitcoin or many of the legitimate Altcoin projects in December of 2017 would have been comforted by that. As Bitcoin and the market in general begins to show signs of a recovery it’s worth looking at a few reasons why a market downturn isn’t always the end of the world. Adoption! One thing to always keep in mind with Blockchain (and anything to do with cryptocurrencies) – it is VERY early days. The market to this point has been made up of what is still a relatively small number of retail investors, for all of the hype that it has drawn. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a huge upturn in the adoption of blockchain in many areas of business – we’re beyond individuals and corporations and now into entire…

Crypto market could hardly gets stability.

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