Things people do for $5

Hi everybody, I’ve just found this website where you can have just about anything done for $5. It is such a great site and thought I’d share with you.

Just have a look, hope it will be helpful to you. :lol:

That’s a great site. Very entertaining. Some of the offers are wacky, and some generic, but many are very creative. I just gathered three new ideas for promoting my business from the first two pages.

What would you guys do for $5?

Hmm this is cool! I will sell my 10 colorful marbles for $5:D, still have 10 left though for another $5:D

This site is doing amazingly well. I have thought about hiring someone myself to see what they’ve got to offer.

Sounds like. I will have a fun if you pay me $5. :smiley:

Hm this one can be useful for non native english speaking people wanting to get into video marketing :slight_smile:

This is just one of the examples of turning one simple idea into a web traffic magnet. Nice sharing.

Maybe there could be a $5 category on 99designs or something…

There is already some spamming in the comments