Theme Selector, jQuery Color Picker

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I’ve recently got into template production (now at the early stages), and I am finalizing my first theme. I want to by able to choose different styles on the page like so I’ve tried doing a search but I found nothing which gives the complete set. I’ve noticed more than one template (maybe even 100s) have this kind of selector. Can anybody guide me to a proper selector.

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What normally happens is that the querystring is read by the server-code code (typically PHP) which then gathers together what is needed.


Do I have to create my own jQuery to do this. Maybe I can find some ready made scripts online. Would save me an enormous amount of time.

The only reliable way to offer a theme which offers configurable styles would be to use a server-side language in front of the style sheet so that placeholders in the style sheet can be replaced with the appropriate, configured values.

Oddz is right. Client-side solutions such as jQuery are just not suitable for this type of behavior.

This will be used on a template, for the purpose of selecting different themes. It will not be put on a CMS or need to communicate in any way with a database.