The Web Design Business Kit, 3rd Edition

Hi - I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions, was the ‘The Web Design Business Kit, 3rd Edition’ prepared with United Kingdom (England) in mind. How applicable are the legal documents and the advice/tips for a business in the UK. Or to be more precise which parts of the kit will need to be modified or adapted to reflect the UK (England) business environment - thanking in advance

This will probably get deleted, they deleted my post looking for people who have bought 2nd and 3rd edition and to get their take on the differences and worth of buying 3rd when you own 2nd. I guess it was because I asked for non-Sitepoint personnel to reply. Must mean, “not much”.

I don’t know, nor do I want to know what forum you posted on that did that.

Here at the SitePoint forums posts don’t get deleted without good reason.
i.e. none of your posts here have been deleted. Your last one sounds like the one you’re talking about -

any information on my original question would be welcome, thanks.

Have you already tried via Contact Us ??

The hours might be different being in Australia, but AFAIK they usually get back soon.

Sorry to dredge up an old post, but I’m interested in the reply as well. I own an earlier version of the kit. When I shelled out for it, the idea was that future updates would be available to just slot in, without having to buy the whole kit again. Is this still the case? Can I “update” to the most recent version, or was that idea shelved?

Hey Hardy,
I’ll get someone in the know to reply to your question asap, but it’s the weekend here now so it probably won’t be until Monday.

Nice one Sarah, thanks :slight_smile:

Same question applies to the SEO kit, although perhaps this has been superseded by the new book?

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Think of us poor buggers that have still got a whole Friday to get through :smiley:

Love the name correction - perfect. I sat there for ages knowing that I had it wrong but having a mind blank. Consider me duly embarrassed.
I’ll PM you about the outcome of this thread.

Hi - is the new digital edition identical to the previous version which was digital + folder, or has it been updated - thanks.

Hey there, assuming you are talking about the Web Design Business Kit then you can’t buy the digital version by itself as far as I know, you can only buy it as part of a package with the printed version in the binder. If the previous version that you are is referring to is the 3rd edition, then no it hasn’t been updated since then (although the 3rd edition is a significant update on the 2nd). Does that answer your questions?