The Ultimate Writing Toolkit: 22 Awesome Writing Tools

An excerpt from, by @LaurenH.

“I’m not a writer.”

I hear some version of this statement nearly everyday, and my answer is always, “You have to be.”

Whether you’re a designer, developer, whoever, you need to be able to write well in a world where so much communication takes place via emails, text messages and Slack groups.

Since we know writing can be a drag, we compiled the ultimate writing toolkit – a list of 22 fantastic tools and articles that will transform your writing.

##22 Amazing Writing Resources
1. What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t?

Article | 4 min. read

This article is so helpful, I’ve favorited it in my Pocket. In his piece, Joel Klettke explains what the best writers do that bad writers don’t. Spoiler Alert: The best writers have a process, which he elaborates on in the post.

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I do agree with you .You have done bang up job with this post .It is rich in content and truly agree with all 22 awesome writing tools.Your tool kit will definitely transforms the writing skills.A big thanks for the helpful post .Keep sharing:).

i agree with you writing content is not so tricky task but finding good topics to write and target i to audience is more important thanks for sharing it

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