The transformer button - A likely already explored concept

I call it this because its a simple JS setup that changes the CSS of the page its on. Granted I’m sure someone else has done this before but I’m proud of it! Considering I have only been tinkering with JS for the last hour or so. I hope these are not too obnoxious!

What applications do you see this being used for? Ability for users to change themes in a fairly dynamic way, maybe?

Also, have you thought about putting it on GitHub or as a NPM for others to utilize?

Honestly speaking its so simple I am not sure its worthy of github.
I suppose in some ways a better implementation would not be to manually code each style setting in JS but rather make up an external style sheet and have the JS link to it so when the button is pressed it simply loads the corresponding CSS file.

Have you seen this topic?

Well then, as the title states…
I’m sure its been explored.

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