The SEO Business Guide

SEO: It’s the New Yellow Pages

Before the Internet took over the world, I remember a time when products and services were advertised through a telephone directory such as the Yellow Pages.

If you wanted to be seen, and you weren’t in the Yellow Pages, it didn’t matter that you had the best option for the consumer—they didn’t know about you, so the business went to the pizza guy across the road because he put his ad in the directory.

In 2010, SEO is like the Yellow Pages of the past.

If you’re yet to start using SEO, you’re just not making the most of your website or online business. And if your competition utilizes SEO, you have even less chance of being found by the 85% of people who use Google to find what they’re looking for.

The biggest problem with learning SEO today is that there’s heaps of information around and so many different opinions. It’s likely that you’re being bombarded with too much advice.

Our brand new SEO Business Guide is designed to remove all that clutter and simplify the process of learning and implementing SEO campaigns.

This unique product comes with over US$150 worth of added value from some of the biggest names in the SEO business—such as Market Samurai, AdGooroo, and SheerSEO. Plus, you receive a free CD with ready-to-use documents and templates to make it easier and hassle free.

Become the SEO expert for your business. Get started with three free chapters!

Looks like a book I’d like to buy to fill the gaps in my SEO knowledge… but I’ve got to say $200 is pretty axy! It’s about $150.00 more then any SEO book on Amazon and $100 more then any programming book I’ve ever bought. The added values are not appealing either.

I don’t know if I stand alone on this but you might want to reconsider the price of this book.

Hi EasyCo,
This isn’t actually a book, it is part of our suite of business kits, which is why it is more expensive than the average book. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for this eBook. :slight_smile:

I’m reading it now. It seems pretty basic though. Seems white hat consists of the same typical methods; I have yet to find anything new when I read any SEO or link building article. :frowning:

I’m new to SEO and need some advice thanks for the e-books

Thanks for sharing this information with us . It is very useful for me because i am new in seo field and need for some advice that i am learing from this book.

I have read a book on Search Engine Optimization, and I really think that this is the best work ever, I have seen, I really want to start this of my own, But I am not cleared with difference of Do-Follow and No-Follow, can you do explain this for me… I really ant to get this answer…

ok I might be posting after 8 months here, But I’m looking to buy an advanced SEO book. I found this book (THE SEO BUSINESS GUIDE) on top in clickbank. But as the book was published last year. I’m little worried about the freshness of the content. Maybe panda/farmer update is not included in the book, but is everything else fairly up to date. And is a new version is likely to released soon? Thanks!

Hello ameerulislam,

The SEO guide is directed more at the beginner - intermediate audience with a few chapters dedicated to advanced techniques. The Guide is still very much up to date and we do not plan to release a new edition anytime this year. The digital version is available for $49 for a limited time.

I hope this answers your questions - please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know,

Thanks for sharing with our. Your free version file of SEO. IS really great.

Yeah the free sample has a lot of pages already, which is great.

got the sample now. thank you. ill take time to read this

The SEO book is very useful for fresher.It has lots of information for beginner.It is really good business book

Yes, to a certain extent you can. But (and it’s a very big one), much information out on the interwebs is either outdated or just plain wrong. Certainly not all of it, and there are indeed some great blogs out there, but in order to pull in the information that represents current best practice you kinda need to be an expert in the first place - something of a paradox.

Books and kits like this from sources that are trusted, besides being easier on the eye than hours of screen time, are invaluable in that you know the knowledge bestowed is worth the effort of ingesting.

I agreed with you Mell. Now-days SEO seo act like as a yellow pages. & lot of confusion what is the best SEO tutorial . I don’t know much about SEO but my advice is that read the Matt Cutts reviews about SEO regularly. Because he is world best SEO expert.