The Secret?

Do you believe that we attract in our lives what we think about? There is an interview of Oprah on Youtube talking with Larry King. She discusses how she got the movie role in The Color Purple. In short, she claims she got that role by willing it in her life. As most of you know , there is a DVD and book called The Secret. It teaches we attract in our lives what we think about. Do you believe this? Many call it "The Law of Attraction.

^ Someday… Eva Mendes will stop at my house and I’ll make her the best Macaroni Pie that she’s ever tasted and she’ll go out with me because of it. Why? because I thought about it and wished for it on Christmas, Italian Weddings, my birthday, littering my house with paper cranes, and various wish bone attempts.

Coming back to this thread, Dawson hits the nail on the head! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work with things like that, it’s not magic. It’s just focusing your mind. Something not a lot of people do.

I don’t know if ‘attract’ is the right word. I do believe that the way we think (positive/negative), influences the way we act, face life and interact with the world around us. So of course, if you’re determined to do/get something, the possibility to do/get it are much higher than if you don’t care. And it might also influence the world (people) around us, so they might give us opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

There’s gotta be something in it. For example, if you hate CSS, HTML, Dreamweaver etc, they will hate you back and not work for you. :wink:

That was a nice book… I have both video and book as well… Simply awesome… It really worked whenever i tested

I’d have to agree with that. Things usually don’t fall in your lap just like that.

I would hope so. It’s not like booze where your inhibitions go out the window and you say stuff you shouldn’t. If anything it may make you more careful about giving up info that you deem sensitive. But everyone is different. Keep telling yourself to keep up with the conversation, but don’t say anything stupid.

I know that ive went through scenarios in my head that seem to come into my life later on, some negative ones and i wonder if i have basically brought them into my life by thinking about them.

These are things that ive gone over in my head many times, like obsessing about them and living them out in my mind.

They haven’t been one off thoughts.

I believe in no god, no religoin, but i have a personal belief of everything being of one and the same, that all energy is connected, beyond this world, into other universes, into other dimensions if they exist…

I also believe in karma, what goes around comes around, i personally feel that ive seen proof of this by simply waiting and seeing a person get their comeuppance.

But it might just be coincidence, it might be that if someone is a particular way that they will suffer anyway because of how they are to others.

Back to the point though, yeah i believe that what we think about can be attracted into our lives.

I don’t think that we attract things by thinking about them, however - by thinking about things we attract the potential to pursue them. :slight_smile:

We are lowly designers and developers so you have to understand it’s hard to focus your mind when… OMG SOMETHING SHINY!!! … err where was I? Oh yes! It’s hard to focus your mind when there’s so many things in our jobs that … ARGH IE6 DIE! … hmmm, well you know what I mean - Carry on! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • how about it’s the choices, that we don’t make, defines us? People take advantage of opportunity when it arrives. In turn, there are those who take initiative and make opportunities for themselves. The Secret is some new-age garbage, but at the same time, it does merit some truth. There’s this thing called focusing on what you want. As my dad says, “if you want something, you’ll make the time for it.”.

I think Oprah got the role in the Color Purple cause she knew the right people and had kissed the right a@% over the years.

I dont think that the mechanism described in “the secret” is valid. But then having a can-do and a positive attitude certainly increases the chances to succeed.

I think thats whats known over here as utter codswallop.
If I willed the winning lottery ticket to me do ya think it might work… er … no

So if I think about really hard I could attract Jennifer Aniston? No? OK, I’ll just go back to thinking about it really hard.

I read the book before and watched the video too. I believe in it, but I can not operate it well. In fact, you have have a try yourself. Just try to attract simply things first and then some other things. And then, you will believe it.

LOA. What a concept. Here’s my opinion:
Integrity is the most important–and most commonly shared–character trait of the truly successful.
Without Integrity, one’s Vision is faulty, so one’s goals are misguided, and even “success” in the venture fails to enrich life and increase peace.
That is the true Law of Attraction.