The new FB page design

today i woke up and saw the new FB page design
can anyone share some info about the UX effects on that matter ?

Welcome to the forums, @mrprinson.

I don’t use Facebook, but I read a comment about this the other day. It seems Facebook was introducing this gradually, so I’m not sure if everybody is seeing it yet.

Perhaps you could help start the discussion by mentioning those changes you’ve noticed which you feel are significant - whether as improvements or otherwise.

I don’t use Facebook, well just an account I use if I have to for development purposes. I had a look and it all appears the same to me, perhaps any major changes you’ve noticed are local to you, maybe FB is doing some testing of a new UI?

The biggest change for me is that the profile picture doesn’t overlap the cover image any longer, which was a bit too artsy for my tastes (fine for profiles, but not for pages).

It looks more corporate now. Contact info is now on the right (it was before on the left) and timeline is not exactly in the middle (it was before on the right).

In overall, I like the change.

In my FB account the profile pic still overlaps the cover image.

Contact info still on the left for me.

It does sound as if it’s a localised chnage?

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