The mundane process of a development

Nowadays, there are always some standard components of a website with CMS like member registrations, posting of some contents by members and others, and then the administrator panel for the different components and CRUD the contents etc.

Sometimes, I find it very mundane and time consuming if I were to keep re-programming these parts and I find that I cannot make use of more time to concentrate on the more interesting parts like adding features to these common components or even new components. Too much time are spent creating the admin part and all the form validations and all the crap. Everytime I think of this boring part, I would cringe away from an exciting idea that I have. I got no more time on other things like the Ajax, javascript for the interfaces and others.

Do all developers go through this crap or do you usually use an Opensource CMS to modify it to your needs? If so, what CMS do you recommend that is flexible and easy to use? Sometimes, I find it even harder to modify an exisiting CMS because I have to go through a set of codes that were not written by me and not familiar with. Please share your experience and give me some advices. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Personally, I just create my own basic’s of each part, then use it’s code as the base whenever I need it, and just expand
Tends to save me a fair bit of time

You’re not the first person with this idea/question, and that’s exactly the reason PHP Frameworks like Zend, Symfony, Yii, and (lots of) others were created.

I personally use Yii. It takes care of all the CRUD stuff, and it has a very easy and intutive form error handing as well, so can I concentrate on the interesting parts of the application :slight_smile:

hmm…I haven’t used these frameworks before.
How these frameworks help in keeping our codes less cumbersome? Like if I want to write a create a membership registration and log in, I usually have to handle all the crap to check if username exist, then write record to db, create a nice form with annoying validation for the users to register. Then in logging in, I need to check the db for the authentication and again with a stupid form with validation. How much of these process would the framework handle and reduce our work?

I can’t speak for all frameworks, but Yii has the complete user management and authentication built in. There is nothing you need to do except tell it to use the database, and style the form.

Take a look at some frameworks’ webpages, most of them have tutorials to show what the framework is capable of.

wow…that’s so cool…I will give that a try. Thanks!