The indicator "...saw this post". Do you understand it?

Actually, we have one fan Facebook page but we have not taken care of it for about 1 month for some reasons. Now we come back but some indicators are not really good. For example, the number of people who see the post is not many. While we have nearly 2000 likes, but just about 2OO people see each post. So, do you know how to increase this??? Many thanks!

Facebook uses a system called EdgeRank to weight what posts show to what users. This combines everything from the individual’s engagement rate to the collective rate to frequency, length, etc. The less your posts do the less your posts will do in the future.

Now keep in mind that the typical page gets 5-15% view rates. Smaller ones can do much better. Bigger average towards this range.

Optimizing for EdgeRank means creating a social experience for people who are interested with what they’re interested in. There’s lots that can be debated in this whole equation but I’ll stick to what helps…

  1. Drive fans through relevant means. No gimmicks.

  2. Set clear expectations. What does your page do. What happens when you like it?

  3. Deliver good messages. Social is not about sharing your coupons or broadcasting your story.

  4. Encourage response by responding yourself. When others see you participating they get that you get it and follow suit.

  5. Share frequently but not too frequently. A post or two a day when you have something to say. Never blocks.

  6. Don’t be afraid to lose a fan. If someone loses interest that’s ok. Let them go.

  7. Create things people want to respond too. Mix brand with theme to have an experience

  8. Listen to their feedback. Insure you meet their expectations.

  9. Pay. Sponsored stories lets you extend your reach for dollars. This is a lengthy debate of course but if you want something seen the option is there and it can help reset that overall engagement rate too.

  10. And finally Don’t obsess. You will not get to 100% views and you don’t need too…

Remember social is not the same as your website, your store or your opt in list. Some people tire from a page and just ignore it, others don’t like what you post in the first place and at the end of the day facebook is intentionally hiding posts from us all to keep our experiences good. You may dislike it but that’s the reality of ceding control.

And it’s all about keep people using it.

Thanks for you response. But I wonder a little bit. Do you think that “A post or two a day” is not enough? Because we have to compete with other fan pages as well to reach the fans.
Someone says that we should post one post per about 1 hour. What do you think about that?

One thing I really hate is to see some page litter my news feed. It’s the easiest way for them to lose me as a fan. Post what is relevant and useful to your page when you find something that is relevant, useful, and may be attractive to your followers.

I’ve got a tightly controlled account with ~400 friends and an insane number of brands and in my 60-second scroll I can usually get through everything. Looking at my friend’s who have 1000-1500 connections with EdgeRank it still only takes about twice that long. If I saw 6 posts from a brand in one day I’d unfollow them myself and I assure you EdgeRank will do it for you… right to the point where you have a near 0% exposure rate.

Not to mention the simply reality that you are not going to have something relevant to say 24 times a day, 365 days a year.

Compete by being better, more relevant, more outstanding, not more spam.

Yeah, I got it. Thank all guys for it!