The first SitePoint NFTs are available for the next 3 days

Heya everyone,

Just a quick post to flag SitePoint’s new foray into the NFT world. I’ve spent the last couple of months getting up to speed in this area. It’s been fun, but there’s certainly a learning curve.

Anyway, there are 10 rhinos based on our next PHP book cover design.

  • Each piece is a one-off original creation – never to be released again. There are no ‘multiple prints’.
  • Each Rhino contains a 12–month SitePoint Premium Subscription that can only be unlocked by its owner.
  • The sale is by auction that will run for 3 days and conclude on Sunday 24th October at midday (PDT)
  • The artwork is a crisp scalable vector graphic (SVG) displayable in any modern web browser or OS at any resolution without ever pixelating.
  • All proceeds from all sales will go to a very relevant charity – The International Rhino Foundation .

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

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Here is the evolution of the 7 covers since the original PHP book in 2001.

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